Introduction to arc

Arc Visual is a collective of creative talent dedicated to the facilitation of superior visual communications.

Rather than being based up a traditional advertising agency, Arc Visual gathers a network of personnel relevant to the task at hand, whilst always maintaining the expected high levels of customer service.

As mentioned, Arc Visual is a flexible collective, rather than a tightly structured agency. As such, we possess a unique ability to build a strategic and creative team based upon relevant experience and thus equal to the task. The network includes designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, printers, media specialists and strategic experts - a pool of talent that can be drawn upon when required without the overheads of a full-service agency being passed on to you, the client.

In terms of how Arc Visual would fit into your marketing team, we see ourselves as a potential adjunct to an already established structure. Being flexible, we can assist you strategically, conceptually and visually at whatever level is required, and as such, Arc Visual can evolve into an important element of the marketing team. We seek a close working relationship with our clients simply because a single group will always reach cohesive objectives far more successfully than two separate entities.

Arc Visual's flexible management structure means you, the client, works directly with the people who deliver the final product. Customer service falls upon the shoulders of those writing, art directing, photographing and designing the communications - which gives the benefits of reliable communication and lower operating costs simply because there are no middle people, Plus the same members of the team follow the projects from inception to completion.

Arc Visual is based in East Perth - an excellent position near the CBD. The work area itself consists of a sophisticated computer network, operated by dedicated personnel; a fully equipped, drive-in photographic studio specialising in digital capture and manipulation; and areas set aside for planning, strategy and writing. All-in-all, a superior set-up dedicated to delivering the best visual communications, on time, all the time.